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The Border Center provides information to help you better understand and comply with environmental laws regulating the import and export of environmentally sensitive products, materials and wastes into and from the United States.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPORT-EXPORT ISSUES - This site addresses regulations, agreements, programs and news relating to the import and export of environmentally sensitive materials.

MEXICAN BORDER - This site addresses importing hazardous waste from Mexico into the U.S. A spanish version is also available.

CANADIAN BORDER - The WasteWatcher site addresses importing municipal solid waste from Canada into the state of Michigan.

EXPORTING FROM CHINA TO THE U.S. - This site contains summaries of U.S. EPA regulations and procedures that relate to the import and export of certain chemicals and products. A chinese version is also available.

PORT COMPLIANCE - This site addresses environmental, land-based, regulatory issues facing port tenants and authorities.


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The Border Center, which is maintained by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS), is one of the Compliance Assistance Centers developed with support from EPA's Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assistance (OECA). For more information, contact the Border Center Director, Lisa Stobierski.

The information contained in this site is provided for your review and convenience. It is not intended to provide legal advice with respect to any federal, state, or local regulation. You should consult with legal counsel and appropriate authorities before interpreting any regulations or undertaking any specific course of action.

Please note that many of the regulatory discussions on Border Center refer to federal regulations. In many cases, states or local governments have promulgated relevant rules and standards that are different and/or more stringent than the federal regulations. Therefore, to assure full compliance, you should investigate and comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.

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