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Export Manifest for Hazardous Materials or Wastes

The purpose of this manifest is to enable the authorities to identify the characteristics of the hazardous materials or wastes for which the import or export permit is requested as well as the manner in which they are to be handled in transit to the destination country.

OECD Export Notification

This notification is optional for Mexico, but the destination country may deny consent to transboundary movement if a different form is used.

The notification forms must contain the same information as the hazardous waste import or export manifest.

Notice of Return of Hazardous Wastes

This notice is produced by maquiladoras for return of hazardous waste generated from raw materials imported temporarily into the country.

Required information includes information on the generator of the waste, its recipient, the transporter, and the waste itself (hazardousness; characteristics of ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, toxicity, or biological hazard; components; shipping information, etc.).

Uniform Permit and Approval of Specialized Vehicles for Transportation of Hazardous Materials and Wastes

In order to use the road system to transport hazardous wastes, the SCT must specifically allow this in the permit issued to the transporters, without prejudice to any authorizations issued by other entities of the Federal Executive Branch, in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Generator and Service Provider Application for Authorization to Collect and Transport Hazardous Wastes

This authorization is required for hazardous waste generators and service providers. The purpose of this Semarnat authorization is to ensure that the generator knows how to manage hazardous waste and is compliant with the SCT provisions.

The application contains information on the company, documentation attesting that it holds the relevant SCT permits, the emergency preparedness plan, the training program, information on the collection procedure, description of vehicles and wastes to be transported.

Hazardous Waste Delivery, Shipping, and Receipt Manifest

This manifest must be filed by hazardous waste generators and transportation and final disposal service providers.

It includes a section for the generator describing the hazardous wastes to be transported, the quantity thereof, and the hazardous characteristics for each. The transporter must enter information on the route to be followed, the type of vehicle, and general information on the transporter. The recipient must provide general information on the company and a declaration on how the waste was received.

US Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest

Form required by the US Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency.

General Registry Sheet

This form includes general information on the company (name, activity, address, date of commencement of operations, number of employees, investment, number of indirect jobs, manager information, etc.).

This form is used by the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) for follow-up on any application; it is assigned a file and environmental registry number.

Form DGAF N-1

SCT form required to obtain hazardous waste transportation service permit.

Form DGAF N-20

Form required to declare freight vehicle characteristics as part of SCT application for approval of hazardous-waste transportation service vehicles.

Tax Form 5

Form for payment of duties required by Semarnat to issue authorization to export or to collect and transport hazardous waste.


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