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  • Notice of Regulated Waste Activity (EPA Form 8700-12). Generators, transporters, importers and treatment/storage facilities can use this form to apply for a EPA identification number for hazardous waste activity. This document includes guidance on determing if waste activities are regulated and instructions for completing the form.


  • Foreign Waste Shipment Summary (TNRCC-0449). The foreign waste shipment summary indicates that primary importers who import hazardous and or Class 1 waste from outside the United States through Texas shall prepare a Foreign Waste Shipment Summary Form (TNRCC-0449), (PDF) from the manifests. This form summarizes the quantity and classification of each waste shipment itemized by manifest document number. Foreign waste shipment summaries must be submitted to the TNRCC on or before the 25th day of each month for shipments originating during the previous month. A primary importer required to comply shall prepare and submit a foreign waste shipment summary for only those months in which shipments were actually made.


  • A hazardous waste manifest must accompany all hazardous waste that is imported. If the waste is being transported to a disposal facility in Arizona, use the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest, EPA form 8700-22. This is a copy of a multipart form designed to track hazardous waste from generation to disposal. If the state to which the waste is being shipped has its own manifest form, use that state's form

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