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EPA Standardizes Hazardous Waste Manifest Form

The U.S. EPA has established a nationally standardized manifest form to improve the tracking of hazardous waste shipments. The national form replaced the various federal and state forms previously in use on September 5, 2006.  Among other benefits, the new manifest form enhances reporting of international waste shipments (exports and imports) by identifying the port of entry/exit.

EPA is also considering the implementation of an electronic manifest system and use of radio frequency identification (RFID).  For more information see Hazardous Waste Manifest System.

More Information on the new standardized manifest form.

Importing Hazardous Waste from Mexico to the US

To import hazardous waste from Mexico and dispose of it in the US involves a complex system of paperwork and communications. Click here for an overview of this process.

Waste Code Dictionary

Use this Waste Code Dictionary to locate waste code information needed to complete your hazardous waste manifests. With the Waste Code Dictionary you can find corresponding INE and EPA waste codes or perform a key word search in English or Spanish. Click here for the Waste Code Dictionary.

Manifest Data

The Border Center maintains a database of hazardous waste imports into the U.S. from Mexico (March 2004 to present). This database helps to evaluate waste quantities, waste types and destinations. Click here for data summaries.



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